Pop Lullaby is here!

Published February 8, 2018

I’m excited to announce that my second book, Pop Lullaby, has been released and is now available for purchase on Amazon. This 34-page bedtime story about a tired father and his wide-awake baby is a scenario that all parents can relate to and is perfect to read to little ones. In it, the father soothes his baby by singing a lullaby and, eventually, the baby falls asleep. The book also features colorful, detailed illustrations that are certain to grab your child’s attention.

Like the book? If so, post and share your review on our site and then share it on your social media pages. And please recommend it to your family and friends or purchase it as a gift to all the new parents you know in your life. Order here.

I’ve also written a companion song to Pop Lullaby the book that I hope you enjoy a well. It’s available at iTunes and Spotify and everywhere else where music can be streamed or purchased.