So How Many Books Have I Sold?

Published February 22, 2018

I have been asked several times recently, in interviews or just by people curious about the books, “How many copies have you sold?”

Candidly, I do not know.

The sales figures I get lag 30+ days behind the month-end, so while I have the first half a month for my first book, I truly do not know sales figures. More important to note: that is not my method of measuring success.

I did not write Charlie the Caterpillar or Pop Lullaby to simply sell books. I wrote these books for my daughter, Riley, so she could have some ongoing memory, even when she is old and gray, that will immortalize how beloved she is. That is the success I wanted.

To me, the smile on her face and her knowing how special I think she is, is the only reward I wanted when I wrote the books.mNow that they are available to the public, I also have the additional luxury of hearing that these books are enjoyed by other children and parents. That they are helping their kids find their special and unique qualities, through Charlie or by helping tired parents find one more method to ease the crying of their children through the words and music of Pop Lullaby. Sales will happen or they won’t. For me however, my daughter, the reason I find joy in the world, has already helped me realize the only success I need.

Thank you for reading.

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