Published January 16, 2020

Detroit-area author Andy Gutman and his publishing company, Gutcheck Publishing, today announced the release of his latest children’s book, Be Kind. To commemorate the launch of the book, Gutman and book character Charlie the Butterfly will conduct acts of kindness around metro Detroit.

Be Kind is a colorful, 24-page story that shares the important message of being kind. The star character from Gutman’s first book Charlie the Caterpillar (2017) and fourth book What Can I Be Today? (2019), Charlie, along with his mom and friends, returns to share life learnings about the importance of kindness and its role in the world. His list includes make time to breathe; be quick to listen and faster at forgiving; spread the love, not the hate; try your best; there’s more to life than winning; and love, love, love and be kind.

“Who better than Charlie and his friends and family to help teach our youngest readers about the value of kindness?” said Gutman. “I want to thank my daughter Riley, for whom this book is dedicated, for embracing this valuable life lesson and inspiring kindness toward others.”


To commemorate the launch of Be Kind, Gutman will be out and about in the community, along with Charlie, spreading kindness throughout metro Detroit, including gifting cups of hot coffee to on-the-go parents and caregivers in the drop-off lane of area schools, delivering baskets of school supplies to elementary schools, and (Charlie) giving out free hugs to office workers, among other acts.

He also is calling for people to nominate individuals deserving of an act of kindness to be executed by Gutman and Charlie during National Reading Month in March. Submissions of opportunities, big and small, are welcome. Nominations are being accepted now through Feb. 26 at and nomination form and must include the name of the person being nominated and the creative and inventive act of kindness they’d like bestowed upon that person.

“Helping others is important to me, and performing acts of kindness can be a meaningful way to lift the spirits of individuals as well as our own,” added Gutman. “I hope others will embrace this endeavor and look forward to receiving submissions from people who are encouraged and inspired to make a real difference in the lives of someone they know in their local community.”

During the month of March, Gutman will partner with area pizza shops, including Sicily’s Pizzeria in southwest Detroit, to have books and pizzas delivered to homes requesting them free of charge or during pick-up.

In his day job, Gutman is President of Southfield, Mich.-based Farbman Group and its related companies. At night, he chases his creative dreams while the rest of the world sleeps. He is a writer, songwriter and dreamer who tries to see the beauty in the world. He has written and produced numerous musical pieces, including song accompaniments to each of his children’s books. All songs are available on Soundcloud under Gutcheck Music along with iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and many more.

Gutman’s other books, Even and Pop Lullaby, are richly illustrated, feature stylized images that pair perfectly with the gentle rhyming words of his stories. Like all of his books, each is accompanied by a song that allows parents and children to sing and dance along.

Be Kind is available for $19.99 (hardcover) or $9.99 (paperback) online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores everywhere.

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